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An extraordinary Italian case of alien contact with humans, kept secret for half a century, has finally come to light. In Pescara, in 50'/70's, a group of extraterrestrials contacted directly an unsuspected number of people.

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The URZI case

1700 UFO sightings filmed in about eight years. Since 2000 Antonio have been living an absolutely unique experience. Metallic ships, spheres of light, flotillas, Ebanis, etc. fly just over their his head. Antonio has been filming almost all kinds of UFOs...

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The mystery of the Crop Circles

Extremely complex figures appear from one day to the next on the crop fields all over the world and nobody has been able to prove their human origin yet. International scholars show the upsetting results of chemical, physical and mathematical analysis...

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The enigma of Flying Spheres

Alone or in small groups, in pairs or in groups of thousands, beside incredible snake-shaped structures or next to huge metallic disks, mysterious “flying spheres” keep on appearing in the sky or in space.

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Mexico - Contact point

What’s happening in the skies over Mexico? An incredible wave of UFO sightings is causing quite a stir all over the world. An incredible wave of UFO sightings is causing quite a stir all over the world. An équipe of witnesses and researchers started up a project never thought before in the modern ufology: their name is Vigilantes...

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2012 - Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles

An ancient Sumerian symbol, the UFO sightings, complex pictograms mysteriously appeared on English crop fields, the Mayan calendar: what links all these elements one to each other? Everything seems to lead to the same, fateful prophecy: the 2012 one...

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UFO in South America

The disclosure of secret UFO files in Ecuador ordered by President Correa himself. A secret governmental Operation (“Plato”) in Brazil, abruptly stopped further an encounter between military people and the E.T. A mass UFO sighting in Peru, with thousand of bright spheres sealing the skies over Lima...

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